Nick Pope


Beyond Belief | Nick Pope & George Noory: The Truth on UFO Case Files

Nick pope - disclosure and the aatip program

Nick Pope worked for the British Government for 21 years at the Ministry of Defense, he ran the UFO Program for much of the 1990's

Gary Mckinnon

Gary McKinnon at the Mufon 2017 symosium

Richard Doty UFO Whistleblower

Richard Doty is a retired USAF agent with special clearance, who has broken his silence on apparent alien investigations. In May 2001, with the help of ufologist Steven Greer, Doty gave evidence at the National Press Club in Washington DC, as part of the Disclosure Project. Here, 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers all came together to give first-hand accounts on their UFO experiences.

Paul Hellyer

Paul Hellyer - The worlds highest ranking official to come forward -  Engineer, commentator, Politician - he was the Canadian Defence Minister and was the longest serving member of the Privy Council of Canada.

Gary Mckinnon - Whistleblower

Gary Mckinnon, a computer systems analyst hacked his way into US Military and Nasa computers between 2001 and 2002, exposing documents listing non terrestrial officers and a list of US secret navy ship names. Watch the full interview for details.

Ex cia and Project Blue book whistle blower

Ex CIA man talks about his work in Project Blue Book, Eisenhower and area 51 from his death bed.

Cmdr. David Fravor

 Cmdr. David Fravor says in 2004 he had an unforgettable encounter with a strange aircraft he believes was defying the laws of physics - maybe a UFO 

The Top Documents Proving UFOs Are Real

Pattie Bracket- Part 1

Her Grace Karen Macdonald

Pattie Bracket- Part 2

Check out this great video

Dmitry Medvedev and Extraterrestrial Existence

Russian Prime Minister- Dmitry Medvedev admits  aliens are on Earth