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Betty and Barney Hill were the first people to claim to be abducted by aliens. This case is considered to be the flagship of abductee stories. There had been contactee stories before, mostly involving benevolent Aliens with altruistic motives towards humanity and planet earth. For the first time a truly frightening experience happened, involving medical examinations and psychological effects, loss of time and memories wiped. 

On the evening of September 19, 1961, while driving home to Portsmouth through rural New Hampshire, Barney and Betty Hill sighted a pancake-shaped UFO with a double row of windows. At one point they stopped their car, and Barney got out for a better look. As the UFO tilted in his direction, he saw six uniformed beings inside. Suddenly frightened, the Hills sped away, but soon a series of beeps sounded, their vehicle started to vibrate, and they felt drowsy. The next thing they knew, they were hearing beeps again. The UFO was gone. When they arrived home, it was two hours later than they expected; somehow, the Hills had lost two hours.

A series of disturbing dreams and other problems led the Hills to seek psychiatric help. Between January and June 1964, under hypnosis, they recounted the landing of the UFO, the emergence of its occupants, their abduction into the craft, and separately experienced medical examinations.

Since this story thousands upon thousands of people have reported abduction by alien beings. The small Greys are heavily featured in the abductions. Undoubtedly there have been many hoaxes but, for sheer volume – there is simply too many for this phenomenon to be ignored.

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Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the former President of the only Buddhist political state, avidly claims that he was once kidnapped by creatures not of this world.

He says they abducted him off his apartment balcony, and took him to their spaceship, 

Yeah! yeah, yeah, yeah I was taken from my apartment in Moscow to this spaceship! And we went to some star. After that I asked “Please bring me back” because the next day I should be back in Kalmykia! They said oh no problem Kirsan, you have time.

Allegedly, while Ilyumzhinov was abducted, his staff came looking for him and was unable to locate him until he inexplicably appeared in his suite hours later.

Travis Walton was one of seven men working in a forestry team in Snowflake, Arizona. When heading home from work one night, the team spied a blindingly bright light. Thinking it was a crashed plane, they drove over to the craft. What they saw, however, did not look like any plane:

Walton jumped out of the truck to get closer to the craft. Suddenly, a bright light shot from the UFO and sent Walton floating into the UFO. The remaining six crew members, panicked, and drove away from the scene to get help.

About 7:30 p.m., one of the crew members called the police. Deputy Sheriff Chuck Ellison answered the telephone; The crew member initially reported only that one of a logging crew was missing. Ellison then met the crew at a shopping center. They related the tale to him — all the men distraught, two of them in tears — and though he was somewhat skeptical of the fantastic account, Ellison would later reflect “that if they were acting, they were awfully good at it.”

After an initial scan of the area showed no evidence of an “UFO” the police began to suspect the men were using the story to cover up the fact that they simply murdered Walton. However, over the next few days, all six loggers were subjected to intense interrogations and polygraphs, and their story seemed to hold up.

That’s when Walton suddenly reappeared. Thinking he had only been gone for a few hours, Walton retold parts of the story he could.

He said he was interrogated by three creatures with bald heads and huge eyes. He apparently encountered many different creatures on the craft, who performed experiments on him.

Many people were skeptical of the story, but Walton and all the other loggers maintain their stories.

UFO, Alien Abduction, Are Aliens Real

UFO, Alien Abduction, Are Aliens Real