Abductee Reports



Other than the fact alien abductions are mostly carried out by Aliens, what other commonalities are there? 

Working on the basis that abductions are on the malevolent side…what is the purpose? As far as I can tell the benevolent Aliens don’t tend to abduct and experiment on humans, therefore there is not a lot of info from the abduction side of the story from them. Disturbingly, many reports have made mention of human military involvement. Also, in cases of animal mutilation. 

Polls have produced numbers from 1.5% to nearly 6% of the general population of the United States claim to have had an alien abduction experience. In contemporary terms, that’s nearly 5 million people.

Abductees regularly report “missing time”—not being able to account for the elapsed time during which they later learn their abduction occurred. Missing time can range from a few hours to days. Nearly all abductees do not have conscious memories of their experience. Recollections of the experience must be retrieved through hypnosis. Many are naturally traumatized and describe their experiences as repetitive throughout their lives and even across family generations. 

Sleep paralysis is a known, documented condition that has been triggered in laboratory conditions. In simplest terms, sleep paralysis is when someone consciously awakens from sleep during the night but their body is completely immobilized. The phenomenon is experienced by millions of people, even larger numbers than polls conducted asking about alien abduction experiences. Aspects of the experience reported by those who have had a sleep paralysis experience overlap considerably with those of alien abduction, including

  • Levitation  – sensation of leaving room
  • Seeing  entities in room (hallucinations)
  • Feeling  entities climbing on the bed or one’s chest
  • Shortness of breath; pressure on chest
  • Hearing  voices
  • Touching, probing the body

Other commonalities include: -

  • Capture.  The abductee is forcibly taken from terrestrial surroundings to an  apparent alien space craft.
  • Examination. Invasive medical or scientific procedures are performed on the abductee.
  • Conference. The abductors speak to the abductee.
  • Tour. The abductees are given a tour of their captors' vessel.
  • Loss  of Time. Abductees rapidly forget the majority of their experience.
  • Return. The abductees are returned to earth. Occasionally in a different location  from where they were allegedly taken or with new injuries or dishevelled clothing.
  • Theophany.  The abductee has a profound mystical experience, accompanied by a feeling  of oneness with God or the universe.
  • Aftermath.  The abductee must cope with the psychological, physical, and social     effects of the experience.

Yvonne Smith, a certified hypnotherapist and abduction researcher, notes that "startling similarities" between abductees reporting procedures performed on the head arise when comparing reports of hypnotically retrieved abduction memories. She states that the most commonly reported sensations and procedures performed to the head are feelings of pressure in or on the head and the insertion of needles into the scalp. During cranial procedures the abductee's head is often restrained by a strap or metal bar drawn across the forehead. The abductors sometimes will touch the forehead of the experiencer, which strangely, seems to ease their anxiety and whatever physical pain they may be experiencing. 

Reports of the entities drilling into the skull have also been given by several of Smith's clients. In one instance the claimed site of the drilling corresponded with an actual red mark on the back of experiencer's head. An attempt to document this mark photographically was made, but turned out unsuccessful.  The same client reported smelling something burning upon the termination of the procedure. Smith has wondered if this could represent the being cauterizing the wound left by the drilling procedure by the abducting entities. 

Other common cranial procedures involve the ears. Reports of pressure or intense heat being experienced within one or both ears are the most common given during the hypnotic retrieval of memories. Experiencers have compared these sensations to the insertions of long needles and to having a high-powered laser aimed into the ear. 

The insertion of long needle-like objects into the nasal passages is also common in reported abductions, and always allegedly performed without the aid of a speculum.

it is reported that these long probes are used to insert spherical metallic "implants" into the nasal cavity. Abductees reporting these implants often claim to experience nosebleeds after the alleged abduction.

Many female abductees report a "gynaecological" aspect to the abduction experience,

Males report that sperm is either taken and/or they have sex with the aliens. 

Skin scrapings are a staple of abduction reports.

Alien implant

Alien implant