The Greys


The Greys

 The grey alien is typically described as being a very thin being with an over sized head (compared to its body size). They stand 3 ½ to 6 feet tall and weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds.

Those who have encountered this type of alien characterize their skin as having the texture of an ocean mammal, like a dolphin or a whale. There are no ears or indentations on the sides of the head. Some accounts have described them as having three or four webbed fingers and similarly webbed feet.

The grey's primary method of communication seems to be through telepathy.

Theories about the small grey aliens range from they are time travelers and an evolved version of human beings and not really aliens at all to they are a soulless biologically engineered slave race, created by other aliens to do the “groundwork”. A few reported encounters with other Alien species include small grey aliens working alongside, following orders. Other reports say the greys also work with the military complex, as mentioned in relation to cattle mutilations. 

Calculations suggest that around 43% of all alien sightings in the United States are of the Greys. These beings were apparently responsible for the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, in which alien bodies were recovered.

Descriptions and sightings of aliens like the Greys have occurred since the dawn of mankind.

The majority of alien abduction cases are reports of grey alien encounters. Below is a quick rundown of the percent per country of reported alien abductions:

  • Australia      – 50%
  • The      United States of America – 43%
  • Canada      – 90%
  • Brazil      – 67%
  • Continental      Europe – 20%
  • The      United Kingdom – 12%

There are also reports of two kinds of grey alien beings. Tall Grey Aliens, which are the authority figures, and Small Grey Aliens, which are cyborg servants of the Taller Greys.

Ancient Alien theory says that the compatibility between aliens and humans may suggest an alien intervention at some point in our distant past. Specifically, extra-terrestrials involved in the evolution process of primates and modern humans today.

The Tall Whites

The 'tall Greys’ described by Robert Dean as 'a very large group they were 6-8 maybe sometimes 9 feet tall and they were humanoid, very pale, very white, didn't have any hair on their bodies at all.' Tall Greys are described to originate from the Orion constellation, and according to Dr Arthur Horn play an overseeing role over short Greys: "The short greys are overseen within their own ranks by the taller seven to eight-foot-tall greys. These greys are the ones that actually carry out "diplomatic" missions, such as secretly negotiating treaties with heads of human governments. As mentioned, the greys in general, and the small three to five-foot greys in particular, have been likened to mercenaries."

Support for the diplomatic role played by the 'tall Greys’ comes from William Cooper, former Navy Intelligence Advisor, who claims he saw classified documents where the 'tall Greys’ did negotiate agreements with the Eisenhower administration in meetings beginning in 1954.

The 'tall Greys/Whites' intimidate humans in a variety of reported interactions, and behave in a clinical manner reminiscent of a medical doctor conducting an experiment. The tall Greys/Whites are mostly involved in genetic experiments, creating a hybrid human-Grey race, mind control and diplomatic agreements with the 'shadow government'. Global problems that are influenced by the tall Greys/Whites include genetically modified humans, implants for monitoring humans, an overly passive population due to hypnotic mind control, influence over elite decision makers, the infiltration of national security agencies, and human rights abuses of civilians and military personnel.

Grays, Greys, gray aliens, alien types, alien agendas

Grays, Greys, gray aliens, alien types, alien agendas