Alien Agendas

Malevolent or benevolent?


The Draco reptilians:

David Icke, a popular Reptilian researcher, has accused presidents, kings and queens of being shapeshifting aliens, intent upon controlling the resources on planet Earth for their own benefit. He asserts that the ruling class are illuminati and carry reptilian DNA. Although the Reptilian is often perceived as a physical creature, some claim that these beings exists outside of our dimension. This would make their shapeshifting an immaterial manipulation of human consciousness. 

Many say that a hallmark of the Reptilian alien is a sadistic tendency towards eliciting human drama and fear. These beings utilize psychic communication, and abductees report that Reptilians seem to intentionally manipulate human emotions. Some can implant screen memories upon their subjects, creating false scenarios to hide an abductions occurrence. It is also said that Reptilians can access the human dreamscape, attacking people on the astral plane. Reptilians are known to be master shapeshifters, able to assume human form.

Some of the abduction scenarios are sexual in nature, leading researchers to the conclusion that a hybridization between human and Reptilian may be in progress. Abductees have reported encountering strange amphibian-like beings while abroad Reptilian ships, but perhaps the truth of their intervention dates back even further than recent encounters. Researchers hypothesize that human beings may have been genetically altered by these entities for thousands of years, torn from a peaceful evolutionary path by otherworldly forces and subsequently enslaved.

Some people are of the belief that reptilians are farming humans for much darker purposes, that being as a source of food. They consume human flesh and have a penchant for children. There is also talk of using our “energy” as a source of nourishment as well.

Abduction scenarios and contactees of the Reptilian species seem to share similar experiences of psychic violence and manipulation. The most notable researcher of these creatures is David Icke, a former BBC sports correspondent turned alien researcher, who states that the Reptilians are the source of many of the problems that currently plague societies around the world. Their goal is the domination of resources and all aspects of human life, from the physical to the psychosocial.

The Greys

Sourced from Alex Collier. Alex Collier (real name Ralph Amigron) is one of the most well-known people to come into contact with an alien race known as the Andromedans. Collier’s experiences interacting with this alien race have been hugely helpful in showing the rest of the world that extra-terrestrials exist and that their technology is far more advanced than our own. Collier’s interactions also blew the lid off the secret alien race that is currently controlling the planet, known as “regressive ETs.” (Reptilians).  Collier worked as an undercover informant for the CIA, and he also investigated many cases involving extra-terrestrials.

The following are the words of Alex Collier, February 1977

The Greys made contact with a world governmental body for the first time in 1933 in Germany. However, they were turned away by the German government because it had already committed itself to involvement with the Giza intelligence. A renegade group of human extra-terrestrials that were headquartered under the Giza plateau in Egypt. They were predominantly Pleadians. They were on their own, doing their own thing. Ashtar, Commigal, and even Jehovah were a part of the group, for some time. They came down here and played God with us. People worshiped them because they had technology which they used it as their power, big time.

During the 1930’s, the Germans were building rockets and starting a space program due to their contacts with the extra-terrestrials of the Giza intelligence. The technology developed however, was used to create weapons because the German governmental body involved were concerned that there was going to be an alien invasion. The Giza intelligence had told them that the Greys were here to invade, but this actually did not occur. Plans for weapons such as sound devices, lasers, neutron bombs, particle beam weapons, etc. were designed. Although many of these weapons were not created until much later in history, a lot of other technology was shared with the Germans, by the Giza Intelligence, like how to do: anti-gravity, free energy, etc.

The United States was the first to open its doors to the alien race known as the Greys. I have been told of only one contact in 1934, where the Greys made their presence known to the U.S. government, in the state of Washington. I don’t know the particular details but somehow the government knew that the Greys were there. It wasn’t until 1947, that actual contact occurred with the
aliens and United States officials. The first face to face contact was due to the shooting down of an alien craft, namely the Roswell incident. This pressed the Greys into a contact earlier than they had actually anticipated doing themselves. After the crash in Roswell, the United States, the Soviet Union, and the British, at the very highest levels, became blood brothers. By the way,
none of these governments knew what Germany was really up to. The Germans were very, very secretive about their contact with the Giza Intelligence. The Roswell incident created more of an urgency to develop a true space program to defend the earth. The United States and the Soviet governments thought that this alien presence could be a threat, because these aliens were so technologically more advanced. But the Greys in their own fashion, really back doored these governments through deceit. The true space program, this underground program that we are just now beginning to hear about, was originally financed by members of the Club of Rome. Now, you’ll need to do some homework, to find out who those members are. And don’t be surprised at who you see. We will talk more about that later, when we discuss the moon. Prior to this, in the 1850’s to the 1950’s, a hundred years, there had been some utilization of cattle and humans in experiments by the Greys. The NSA, which was created in the 1950’s learned that the Greys were responsible.

In 1952, the U.S. government prepared itself for the realization of ongoing alien contact when our military radar system started to down their craft. The Greys knew that in order to perform their experiments on such a large scale, to save their race, they would need the cooperation of a high political body. In other words, they had to come to terms. A select politically structured body,
created secretly within the United States Government, was designed to be the liaison between the Greys, the technological gods, and the earth humans. The military was very enthusiastic for communication with the aliens, in hopes of exchanging technology for raw materials. This liaison group, this political structure, is and was the NSA, the super-secret National Security Agency. For
contact and study of the aliens was its original purpose.

In May of 1954, at the Holliman Air Force Base, the United States Government made a formal agreement with the Grey alien race. Some of the terms of this agreement were the exchange of technology, of anti-gravity, metals, alloys, and environmental technologies to assist the earth with free energy and medical application regarding the human body. All the Greys asked for in
return, was to be allowed to study the human development, both in the emotional consciousness makeup, and to reside here on earth. This single act of signing a contract with an extra-terrestrial race was the most significant act in human history because it launched us in a direction, we were never intended to go in the first place and it thrust us into a role that we were not prepared for either. Being hosts to an alien race.

Essentially, what this contract has also done, has handcuffed the Andromedan council and those benevolent extra-terrestrial races from being able to take a more active role in the earth’s evolution. It has placed the burdens squarely on the shoulders of humanity to enlighten itself of the facts, and to consciously create ascension on an individual basis. Because this particular treaty was agreed upon between the aliens and the “ULTRA” units in the NSA, which actually is a government unto itself, they in affect turned away help from outside benevolent races that we could have obtained before.

Now pay close attention, because this is the first time, I’ve ever mentioned this. The particular document and original exchange material may be found today in the NSA facility, called Blue Moon, under Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico. Its exact entrance is in the Monzoni Mountains. This location houses the private department of energy technological labs. Currently, the building of free energy devices for use in space and on the moon and Mars is ongoing, in this particular area. Much of the alien technology has been reconstructed and sent via a connecting tunnel to Los Alamos and an area located underneath the cliff sides of Los Alamos canyon, where huge vaults are built into the earth. This facility is twenty-nine thousand square feet in size. There are also laboratories equipped to study light, thought and pure energy there. This facility is also used as a jail for aliens captured by the black (secret) government.

Corporations that are currently assisting the aliens and the black government are Standard Oil, Lockheed, Northrup, McDonald Douglas, AT&T, IT&T, The A.A. Matthews Construction Company, The Robins Company, The Utah Mining Company, and numerous more. The NSA is exempt from all laws in the United States unless the NSA itself is specifically mentioned in any creation of law.

This is due to its interaction with aliens and its sometimes-necessary infringements of civil rights and constitutional rights of the American people. In other words, to make it exempt from breaking any laws and hurting anybody here, they made it completely separate. And it is completely separate, even though your tax dollars pay for the running of it. There was also a great deal of private money used by the NSA to build the alien technology and to keep humanity under control. The status quo secure. Even the CIA doesn’t know much about the Ultra or Blue Moon units of the NSA.
These are the two highest units the NSA has that deals directly with alien technology and information.

Now realize that the Greys are genetic engineers, though not the only ones. Most of the aliens from off planet are genetic engineers because they value life forms as opposed to gold and silver. Genetics’, life forms and things of that nature is their wealth. A lot of the genetic engineering and experimentation is going on here, on earth and on Mars moon Phobos, by the Greys. They are
using this opportunity to try to satisfy their own agenda, which is to create DNA and genetic stock that is clean enough to foster new physical life forms that are capable of regeneration and birth for their race. As of right now, the Greys are most interested in female genetic stock because all family lineages follow the female rather than the male. Why? Because you always know who your mother is, you may not always know who your father is.

Many new races have been created this way throughout our galaxy. It’s not something that’s new going on here. This has been going on for a very long time. Few races today have actually remained as pure genetic stock, with the exception of two races that the Andromedans say are really genetically clean. That is the Reptilians from Alpha Draconis, and the other is what we call,
or known as the Elohim, which are a very ancient race of humans that survived Lyra. All other races are a varied degree of hybrid or mixture of races of different genetic stock.

Another point is that, the Greys themselves would like to be free from the Orion empire. They will have no chance of survival themselves if they do not create or match their body type or genetics with ours. You see, time is quickly running out for them and we as a race is also evolving at a tremendous rate. On a spiritual conscious level, we are evolving dramatically, making our genetics harder to use while they are dying out like there’s no tomorrow. And they are very aware of this fact. So, even though what they’re doing is wrong, they really are caught in a very tough position themselves. Because what they’re doing to us has been done to them. I’m just trying to draw parallels. I’m not justifying it in any way. By the way, when any of the aliens give birth to a child, they take that child outside of the earth’s atmosphere so the child is born fully aware of its reincarnation history, so it realizes who it is, and it doesn’t carry the veil. Why is this? Apparently, there is some kind of agreement; if you’re born within the earth’s atmosphere, you’ve got to be veiled. It’s just part of what comes with being born here.

The Greys masters (draco reptilians) assigned agenda, is to create a slave race which is currently in full swing, for the purposes of control, physical services, labor and, sexual energy. Now I will explain this. The acts of feeding, war, anger, psychic energy, genetic experiments, hybrids as a food source, genetic and biological materials. The Greys and their Masters feed off this, our energy. As examples:
If two people are fighting, they create a lot of emotional negative energy. And this is why you will find, that whenever there are wars going on, there’s a lot of UFO activity. Negative energy! They just feed off it. It’s likened to when your making love to your man or to your wife, and you reach that moment where you are both at the same place at the same time, in a loving benevolent way.
That’s how it feels for them regarding negative energy release. The energy of fear, that rush of adrenaline, young teens on a battlefield running around scared, this is what they crave, all of the negative emotional aspects.

They have also been doing extensive research on the human brain and its capabilities as well as study of the soul. Many people who have been implanted by the Greys, those who are aware of it and those who still aren’t, must become aware of the fact, that they have actually been on a kind of machine and are being shown and trained to do something. According to the Andromedans, the Greys are training us to fight their war against the Draconians (One of their masters) when they get here, because they are going to use us as their soldiers. Just like when our military sends in the infantry and marines, those implanted will be the first ones on the beach. While the Greys sitting back on board their ships drinking champagne or having a gin and tonic, and wondering how the battle is going. And they have chosen our world to be the battle ground.

At the same time, they are still going about preparing the earth for its new owners. Apparently, the Greys are going to make this attempt, but the inevitable truth is that the Reptilians from Alpha Draconis are on their way here now. And this has very serious implications for us. Now, honestly, I’m not here to promote fear. I don’t believe in it. But I’m telling you what I’ve been told to tell you. We have boxed ourselves into a corner and the only way we can change the outcome is that we have to consciously become aware of what our world is really about, what’s really going on here. And we have to create a space of love. Folks, that’s the bottom line.

Alien Agenda, Aliens are Real, Alien Abduction

Alien Agenda, Aliens are Real, Alien Abduction